The following publications provide information about Michigan's historic lighthouses and light stations. This list includes guidebooks for visiting the state's lighthouses, photograph collections and general histories of lighthouses. Most of these are still in publication and can be purchased from any nationwide bookseller.



A Traveler's Guide to 116 Michigan Lighthouses, by Laurie and Bill Penrose
(Petoskey, Michigan: Friede Publications, 1999)


Great Lakes Lighthouses, American and Canadian: A Comprehensive Directory/Guide to Great Lakes Lighthouses, by Wes Oleszewski
(Gwinn, Michigan: Avery Color Studios, Inc., 1998)



Lighthouses of Michigan, by John Penrod
(Berrien Center, Michigan: Penrod/Hiawatha, 1998)


Michigan Lighthouses: An Aerial Photographic Perspective, by John L. Wagner (East Lansing, Michigan: John L. Wagner, 1998)



Dennis Noble, Lighthouses & Keepers: U. S. Lighthouse Service and Its Legacy
(Annapolis: U. S. Naval Institute Press, 1997)


United States Coast Guard, Aids to Navigation
(Washington, DC: U. S. Government Printing Office, 1945)


George R. Putnam, Lighthouses and Lightships of the United States
(Boston: Houghton Mifflin Co., 1933)


George Weiss, The Lighthouse Service, Its History, Activities and Organization
(Baltimore: Johns Hopkins Press, 1926)


U.S. Coast Guard
Aids to Navigation Historical Bibliography


Relevant periodicals dealing with lighthouses and other aids to maritime navigation:


Along the Coast: A Monthly Periodical. 1909-1910

Atlantic Lighthouse & Coastal Connections: A quarterly, mid-Atlantic maritime publication

The Bay Pilot: The official, quarterly publication of the Delaware River and Bay
Lighthouse Foundations Inc.

The Beacon: Official Publication of the Great Lakes Lighthouse Keepers Association

Coast Guard Bulletin, 1939-April/May 1953

Coast Guard Reservist Magazine

Commandant's Bulletin, 1967-1996

The Keeper's Log: The Official Publication of the United States Lighthouse Society

Lighthouse Digest: International Lighthouse Magazine

Lighthouse Service Bulletin, 1912-1939

The Navigator: The Official Magazine of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, 1961-

Proceedings of the Merchant Marine Council, Jan 1944-Apr 1971

Proceedings of the Marine Safety Council
, May 1971-

U.S. Coast Guard Academy Alumni Association The Bulletin, Mar 1939-

U.S. Coast Guard Engineer's Digest 1933-1934, 1936-

U.S. Coast Guard Magazine, Nov 1927-Jul 1957

U.S. Naval Institute Proceedings

Wreck & Rescue: The Journal of the U.S. Life-Saving Service Heritage Association, 1996- 1909-1910

Bibliography compiled and edited by S.T. Price, Historian, U.S. Coast Guard


Point Betsie near Frankfort is one of the most-photographed lighthouses in America and the most-visited attraction in Benzie County, Mich.